It is an exciting time in the wellness space as science, technology, and spirituality collide. Wellness can be explored through creative, open-minded ways, and we offer a platform for that exploration. Through VIBEHAUS, you can book personal services or attend curated VH events with the confidence that our sole purpose is to offer transformational experiences.


We believe true wellness is a transformation of thought, awareness, self-care and daily practices. Explorations through physical and emotional alignment, finding a deep sense of purpose, and an understanding of our own power to heal are an integral part of this transformation process. We believe the raising of one’s vibration can be both an intensely personal as well as socially enjoyable journey. In order to nurture the personal journey, we aim to guide our clientele on their approach to wellness through some of the lesser known modalities and connect talented practitioners to new clients. From the social aspect, we curate events and workshops that allow those seeking healing experiences to explore in a collective way and benefit from meeting like-minded individuals. Our vision is that each wellness journey has a ripple effect that ignites immeasurable healing within communities, not just the self.


We offer a personalized approach to exploring all that VIBEHAUS has to offer. Not every practice is right for every person, and we find that often clients are not even sure what it is they are searching for; simply that they want to be more proactive. Think of our inHAUS concierge as having a guide to the many modalities of wellness available and how best to combine, utilize, and integrate them for a truly elevated experience.


Tovah Tora.JPG

Tovah Avigail is our Spiritual Concierge and creator of our signature Vibrational Reading. Tovah has developed a unique talent of seeing a crystalline image of the unconscious psychological imprints that affect the way your life unfolds. In other words, Tovah’s intuitive abilities tune into the vibrational frequencies a client is holding via their emotions and thoughts. Tovah passionately shares her gift by working with clients to bring clarity, direction to realign clients with their goals, dreams, and deepest desires. Her intention is to strengthen or reconnect clients with their inner purpose and create practical steps towards more mindful and meaningful living. 

Tovah’s aim is to work with clients in a practical ways and help create a perfectly tailored regimen for wellness, healing, and meaningful self-exploration. She works intimately with each of our talented team members and practitioners, and knows their services and strengths inside and out. This allows for personalized guidance towards optimal wellness, happiness, and fulfillment. She can recommend effective ways to combine modalities and explore new practices to get the most of what VIBEHAUS has to offer. 

Tora Buckworth is our resident content curator, blogger and event producer. She has a keen eye for cutting-edge services that are beneficial to the VIBEHAUS tribe and has a talent for understanding how to best share them with you. Tora has a particularly strong passion for producing events involving sound bath meditations, social yoga events, and plant-based nutrition and lifestyle practices. She relentlessly explores health practices and advancements to keep VIBEHAUS as current as possible.