Tovah Avigail is the Spiritual Concierge,  Founder and Empressario of VIBEHAUS. She created her signature Vibrational Readings with her unique talent at seeing a crystalline image of the unconscious psychological imprints that affect the way your life unfolds. In other words, Tovah’s intuitive abilities tune into the vibrational frequencies you are holding mentally, emotionally and energetically. Then she assesses any discrepancies or interference. Finally, she passionately shares her gift by working with clients to bring forth the clarity and direction, fully re-aligning them with their authentic life path, purpose and deepest desires. 

In addition to her personal offerings, Tovah’s role as the Spiritual Concierge of VIBEHAUS, will access the necessary referrals and collaborations with her highly curated resource pool of uniquely talented specialists.  Being intimately acquainted with their services, modalities, and practical applications due to her own Spiritual Awakening and Journey, she is uniquely gifted at aligning her clients with them, as well as with the latest and most effective Tools and Modalities of what VIBEHAUS has to offer.